Looking for a solution guaranteeing the best process reliability with low cycle times for the mechanical burring of metal surfaces?


Then SHL is just the place for you. We conceive tailor-made burring robot cells tailored to your workpiece and plan and manage the entire project.

Know-how reveals itself in the detail:
we shine especially brightly in these points.

We have succeeded in the continual extension of our know-how in terms of automated grinding and burring over the last two decades. Whether flexible single robots, enclosed grinding cells or complete production and transfer lines and including component handling – SHL plant sets international standards.

Aluminium grinding
Grinding aluminium is not without its problems, as aluminium dust is highly explosive. What is more, the grinding bands can easily become clogged with aluminium dust. SHL is able to take advantage of considerable experience in the grinding of aluminium in terms of plant design safety and the durability of its grinding bands. We are the only company active branch in this with a test report from TÜV Südwest.

Automatic adjustment of the processing tools for grinding and burring
SHL robot plant is fitted with grinding and polishing machines which automatically adjust the processing tools such as the grinding band, contact or polishing disc,obviating the need for a programme alteration upon tool wear. Workpiece tolerances are adjusted for in particular areas during grinding via an "automatically compensating contact disc."

Closed robot cells
In addition to our open robot plants, SHL also builds self-supporting, closed robot cells with dust protection and/or a sound protection cabin. A particular advantage of these self-supporting robot cells: The location of plant can be easily changed without the need to dismantle the robot or the individual machines. Closed SHL robot cells provide compact, flexible solutions and shortened assembly and commissioning times.

Magnesium grinding
The grinding of magnesium without first taking any particular precautions carries the serious danger of explosion. Working in close collaboration with the manufacturers of extraction plant, we have already produced a wide range of different plant for the processing of magnesium components.

Special areas of application for SHL grinding plant:

  • The grinding of automobile ornamental mouldings with a polyester finishing varnish. As the varnish is often only 0.5 mm thick, this requires especially mild processing.

  • The grinding of forged kitchen knives with plastic moulded grip plates. Take advantage of, SHL's experience in the simultaneous grinding of plastic and steel.

  • Grinding implants. SHL offers many years of experience in the grinding and polishing of implants. The variety of types means that the automatic programme management provides highly cost-effective advantages. Special measurement equipment adjusts the position of the grinding band upon declining grinding performance so as to maintain target specifications.