SHL robotic transfer lines:
For tool- and workpiece-guided polishing processes.

The robotic transfer lines for grinding, polishing, brushing and burring consist of multiple SHL robotic grinding and polishing cells. A logistically sophisticated transfer system feeds the individual robot cells with workpieces in a chaotic fashion via coding (barcode chip etc.) and is programmed so that upon cell standstill – e.g. due to a change of the grinding band or polishing disc, that additional workpieces are evenly distributed on the processing side affected.

A fully automatic tool changing system is integrated in the overall process in the optimum fashion. Individual robot cells can be separated from the overall plant if necessary and fed with other workpiece types.

Cycle times of c. 15 seconds are realized for sink fittings. Full use of all cells can lead to 240 components/hour being ground, polished and finished ready for galvanizing With interior wooden components, cycle times of 20 seconds are reached. Brackets reach cycle times of 30 seconds.

Sufficiently dimensioned buffer zones guarantee perfect component provision, even following temporary interruption to the supply of unprocessed components.