Professional feeding and gripper technology
The key to efficient automation

At numerous occasions our customers were delighted about our automation solutions using feeder and gripper solutions we specifically adapted to their corresponding product shapes and handling tasks. Even complex shapes and highly delicate products – such as fittings or trims – are gripped and fed into the machine in a fast and gentle manner.

The gripper presents itself as the centerpiece of any grinding, deburring or polishing process while reliable feeding is an important factor for the high operating efficiency of the grinding and polishing installations.

Based on our extensive experience in the area of automation and numerous applications related to deburring, brushing, and milling, we can guarantee to find effective solutions for the requirements of your project as well.

We develop solution-oriented system applications from the planning phase all the way to the implementation of your deburring and brushing cell – with smart components and modular assembly groups as well as interlinking and acting units.

Our dedicated specialist department was established just for this purpose and will focus entirely on your tasks and the individual solutions.