The future shines automatically:
more efficiency, quality; more from SHL.

Automation has a good future: even in those areas in which manual labour is cheaper, the use of automated processes for burring, grinding and polishing still pays. The actual advantages of automation with machines, plant, robots, production and transfer lines with workpiece and tool-guided applications are to be found in the increase in quality, exact reproducibility in the manufacturing process, the flexibility afforded by software-supported production and more often than not, a veritable explosion in production.

A number of new fully-automatic solutions for ever-more products are being found for a greater range of products, even with the technology available today. In an ever-greater number of factories (such as the shell building of car bodies) in which handwork is becoming a thing of the past. This process is irreversible, driven on as it is by economic considerations and constraints. This is a process that takes us to a new and better quality of life and work.

We are proud to have played our part in this process.

You too could profit from our automated solutions for diverse and complex burring, grinding and polishing technologies both to effect the bespoke surface-processing of your products in the desired appearance and in doing so effect considerable and significant savings.