Concentration on our areas of core expertise:
and your individual requirements.

Our areas of core expertise: Grinding , polishingburring . We use hand machines, feeding and gripper systems, automated robot systems and solutions, open and closed plant with tools and workpiece-guided applications, processing cells, production and transfer lines with integrated industrial robotic solutions for the grinding, polishing and burring process.

Every one of our plants is unique: especially conceived for its specified application and subject to individual production. One of the secrets of our success is our extensive depth of in-house production. With the exception of the robots, purchased from such renowned firms as KUKA, ABB, FANUC or MOTOMAN and a very few small components, all other components are manufactured in-house at SHL. Even our workpiece grippers and the appendent programming are conceived and produced in-house. We provide also comprehensive support for these products. The interaction of a number of factors produces a high level of flexibility in the construction of every automated solution related to burring, grinding and polishing in applications for automotive suppliers, the manufacturers of furniture fittings or fittings for the bathroom and WC. Our service provision is completed by quick and effective provision of replacement parts within our after-sales service. We are able to guarantee the optimal interaction of all components.

In addition to our extensive in-house depth of production, a number of factors enable us to effect the consistent and efficient automation of complex production tasks.

  • Over 20 years experience in the project management of grinding, polishing and burring processes. 
  • Complete project management (turn-key solutions)
  • Development activities up to basic research
  • Test seal for the grinding and polishing of sparking materials (aluminium, magnesium)
  • Efficient process flows due to generous building space
  • Highly-qualified, well-motivated employees
  • Our in-house training and technology centre