SHL free belt and contact wheel belt grinding machine
Type FKS 250/450 for manual workpiece handling

This machine has a free belt abrasive area between its front belt guide roller and the contact wheel. Optionally, the contact wheel can be advanced and retracted using a foot switch, so that a larger free belt area becomes available between the upper and lower guide roller with the contact wheel retracted. The SHL FKS 250/450 belt grinding machine is therefore suited both to flexible grinding at the free belt and to grinding work at the contact wheel, where a high level of abrasion is required.

Particular design characteristics

  • Microprocessor controlled frequency converter for stepless control of spindle rotary speed
  • Rotary speed display, serving to ensure the exact setting of speed level for the corresponding work area, in relation to wheel diameter and the materials selected for grinding or polishing
  • Automated belt re-tensioning mechanism on the grinding machine, to keep belt tension constant
  • Manually actuated belt tracking mechanism
  • Automatic safety shut-off when side door is opened