Individual SHL gripper solutions:
for careful and precise product handling.

The central challenge: The workpieces to be handled must be grasped quickly, securely and above all, without causing any damage before being transported/fed to the respective processing station.

The gripper is not just responsible for the positioning and orientation of the product. Depending on the specifications of the project study, the gripper performs further special functions such as recognizing the position of the workpiece, measuring the power moment and travel path and presenting the component within the assembly processes and providing support during the grinding/polishing process.

The gripper must be aligned perfectly to the respective weight and process forces as well as the motion sequence to enable it to perform its task correctly.

We at SHL have developed a dedicated "competence centre" for exactly these tasks. We at SHL can make use of a state-of-the-art machine park for milling activities ranging from the design stage over the development and right up to in-house production. Moreover, we have the necessary depth in-house production and 3D technology to make a flexible and successful response to every challenge presented by the topic of gripping.

Some examples of gripper solutions conceived and produced at SHL:

  • Fixed gripper
  • Rotating gripper 
  • Gripper changing systems (automatic changing of the workpiece form upon chaotic loading)
  • Complex multiple gripping systems with automatic tool changer and program change