The high and ever-increasing volumes means that the surface finish for products from the manufacturers of automotive suppliers, medical technology, the furniture industry, sanitary fittings door handle, window handle and health manufacturing industries have for many years been processed on fully-automatic robotic lines, robot plant, grinding units and grinding robots.

The high degree of automation and the consistent reduction of auxiliary activities ensure that manufacturing costs remain internationally competitive.

SHL has a long and proven record in the delivering and installation of automated finish solutions with integrated industrial robots.

SHL is responsible for the entire conception, production and turnkey installation of grinding and polishing systems, including project planning. Our scope of provision includes not only the integrated industrial robots but PC-based control units, grippers and gripper changing systems, grinding stations, measurement stations and palleting systems.

We at SHL are able to take advantage of many years of experience and a refined know-how in our core areas of expertise burring, grinding and polishing. These comprehensive expertise enable us to combine robot technology and grinding technology do justice to the variety of the following products: aluminium wheels, fittings, implants, saucepans, decorative caps, bath fittings, fittings, casings, washbasins, tools, brackets, wooden parts, root wood, varnished metal, varnished surfaces, motor blocks, cast iron components, car body components, pressure-die cast components, injection mouldings components, cylinder blocks and chassis components.